Getting the Perfecting Wedding Lighting for Your Venue

A wedding would not be romantic, elegant, and vibrant without lighting. There are a limitless amount of ways that you can achieve the perfect ambience for the wedding venue and reception hall. Always take the time to do a bit of research on your options, so that you will be aware of them all. It is vital that you choose the appropriate colors, which will fit into your color scheme, because you want the venue to be uniform, in every sense. Below you will discover several ways on how to incorporate lighting into your wedding.

Know The Terminology

When attempting to decorate your wedding with the best wedding lighting, you will likely come across some terminology that might create confusion. With that in mind, it is imperative to get an understanding of the basic terminology of wedding lights. Below, you will be able to discover the terms that should be recognizable.

Color Wash – It is highly probable that you’ll hear this phrase. When you do, you should know that it is nothing more than a lighting effect. With this arrangement, the color will blanket over an area of your wedding venue. This can be used to add more beauty to your centerpiece, tables or even the dance floor.

Pin Spot – The pin spot is very similar to a spotlight. It is a type of lighting arrangement that is capable of focusing a beam of light on a specific object or place. This can be very effective for bringing attention to your centerpiece!

Gobos – These are stencils that are capable of creating a pattern of light, when it is placed over the light source. A variety of different designs can be used, but some are a little more popular than others. Monograms and dates are frequently used.

Once you understand these phrases, you will have a much easier time knowing exactly what you want and need. Of course, you shouldn’t hesitate to speak with a professional, if you need additional assistance.

Consider a Professional

Although many couples do not know it, there are actually professionals, who work specifically with wedding lighting. By speaking with your event coordinator, you will likely be able to get in touch with someone, who handles these tasks. Many times, these individuals actually have a background in theater. This is the case, because the same technologies and techniques are typically incorporated in both settings.

Although a professional might cost you a tad bit of money, they’ll be able to handle everything for you. They can actually supply you with the lighting needed to decorate your venue, which can make up for the costs. Of course, their expertise is most certainly with it in the end.

Know Your Venue

Before attempting to purchase lights to put together your wedding lighting, it is vital to explore the specifications of your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is going to play a major role in your lighting. Remember that you need the appropriate number of lights to beautify the entire venue. With that being said, you should take measurements and perform a few calculations, until you come up with a specific figure. This will ensure that you get everything just right. This is where a professional will be able to help significantly.

Texture Lighting

Texture lighting is a very unique way to add enchantment to the environment. You will have several pattern applications to select from. These designs will vary from stars, leaves, and flowers, so you will find something that is suitable for your wedding theme. Several abstract patterns are also available, but be sure to view your options carefully, before you make your final selection.

The lights will reflect the patterns on the walls, ceiling, and dance floor. Once the lights are turned on, you will be able to transform your thoughts and mind to your new spouse and future. Jump on the dance floor and have a spin, while the beautiful patterns are working their magic.

LED Furniture

If you are having a modern themed wedding, you should consider enveloping the LED lighted furniture, into your event. This spectacular option can transform any ordinary environment into a contemporary atmosphere. You can choose to use them for the head table seating or the entire reception seating. The LED swirl high top table will make the perfect base for any head table centerpiece.

You can also rent LED bar stools, so that you will have a matching set. The neon lights will light and cheer up the entire wedding venue. These will eliminate the need for another light source, unless you choose to envelop candles into the décor.

Hanging Candle Lighting

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you will definitely want to add the hanging candle lighting to the décor. This beautiful display will offer the perfect mood lighting for the entire event. Every guest will be able to enjoy his or her meal, while basking under a romantic glow of illumination.

You can actually create these lights, by utilizing mason jars, wine bottles, and tea cups. There is nothing more charming and amorous than a hanging candleholder. Hang them from trees, gates, and ceilings, so that the light and emit throughout the atmosphere.

Outdoor String Lights

If you are having a nighttime, outdoor wedding, you will need a source of lighting. Of course, you will want to use candles for the table centerpieces, but you should also consider utilizing outdoor string lights. Most of these lights are constructed out of waterproof material, so you can safely use them, during moist and wet conditions.

You can hang these on the ceiling or drape them over the balcony, so they will act a backdrop for a dance floor. Make sure that you align them perfectly, so they will look more formal and uniform.

The outdoor string light is available in a mini light or party globe light. Either of these will be suitable for any wedding. Soft white and clear bulbs are also available, so make sure that you search through your options, before you make your final selections. A clear light bulb may provide a very vivid illumination, which may be too bright for a wedding event.

Ambience up Wall Lighting

There is nothing more romantic than up lighting. This will add a unique colorful vibrancy to any wedding venue. The up-wall lighting will emit up the wall and throughout the ceiling, until the entire room is filled with the colorful lighting. There are many different colors that you can select from including blue, lavender, white, red, pink, and yellow.

You should try to keep the hues and tones very light, so that the lights do not become so overwhelming. Make sure that you incorporate table linen, napery, and table chair covers that have the match in color and style. This will keep the environment luminance even and balanced out.


With the appropriate wedding lighting, it is possible to completely enhance your wedding venue and all of the decorations. Whether your wedding is going to be held outside or indoors, lighting is vital and can pull everything together and create an awesome environment. Be sure to use the guide above to help you choose the appropriate wedding lighting setup for your wedding.

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