How To Select A Reliable Catering Service For Your Wedding

When planning a wedding ceremony and reception, it is vital that you select a reliable and trustworthy catering service. While you will be forced to create a menu, before you choose a catering service, since each provider will be able to prepare only specific types of foods and meals. Once you get this out of the way, you will need to shop around to find a service provider that will be able to offer you a service like no other.

Table Settings

The first thing that you should ask the wedding caterers is whether or not they supply the table settings, banquet chairs, and tables. While many caterers offer this option to wedding couples, you will need to decide, if you want to go this route, because many wedding venues offer this option, which is added into to the overall fees. You definitely do not want the catering service to bring out chairs and tables and set them up for you, if the wedding venue hosts have already done it. This could potentially complicate matters and cost you more money out of pocket.

Sit Down Dinner

The next step of the planning process is to decide what type of menu you want to serve your guests. Many couples select the sit down dinner option, because it offers a more relaxed environment. This is pretty much a full service meal, with waiters available to indulge your guests in meals and beverages. This type of catering service will cost you a tad bit more, since you do have to cover the fees of the waiters, but if you want to create a calm dining environment, this is the best way to do it.

Buffet Style

Buffet style meals are great for couples that plan to serve their guest several different entrees such as breakfast and dinner foods. This will allow your guest the option of whether or not they want to indulge and gratify their taste buds with your delightful food offer. They can politely serve themselves at any time throughout the event. Of course, you must remember that the long lines can become quite confusing and cause a disruption in the dinner, but if you plan your reception correctly, this will not be an issue.

Cocktail Party

Cocktails parties are another catering service option, but do not include a menu plan. Just set a time frame that your guests can venture into the reception area and enjoy the free cocktails. If your financial budget is limited and your guest list is extensive, you may be forced to limit the time that the cocktail party is available. Of course, this may not allow you enough time for your first dance, as a married couple, but again if you are looking to save money this will be your best option.

Casual Barbecue

Causal barbecues are great for country themed weddings. This will be an informal dinner, but will offer the same delightful atmosphere, as the other options. This meal plan can definitely save you a lot of money, since you may be able to eliminate the catering service altogether. If you have a friend or family member that enjoys the grueling grill, just request his service and surely he/she will be happy to oblige. You can plan this reception event right in your backyard, but you may consider renting a tent, just in case it rains.

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