Wedding Coordinator: Questions And Answers

If you have just gotten engaged, you will need to start hunting for a wedding coordinator. Although, you may feel like the coordinator’s fees will not fit into your wedding budget, you should make adjustments. You can also select a cheaper wedding centerpiece, so you can afford to hire that professional wedding coordinator. Below you will find a list of questions and the genuine answers to them.

#1 How Can a Wedding Coordinator Help Us?

Well, believe it or not this professional can help you innumerable ways. Instead of you being forced to oversee every project or task, you can delegate them to the coordinator. This will free up your time, so you can focus on more important matters such as wedding gown shopping.

#2 Does the Wedding Coordinator Have Experience?

Now while this is a tricky question, the answer is “Yes”. Most wedding coordinator has assisted in planning lots of weddings. Of course, you will find the occasional coordinator that is a newbie in the field, but you must remember that these individuals attend classes and seminars, so they can professionally help you plan your wedding.

#3 Do Wedding Coordinators Have Special Contacts?

This is more than likely your first wedding, so you are not going to know the best florist, catering companies, or venues to utilize. Do not forget about those businesses that provide wedding services to clients that you need to avoid, as well. The wedding coordinator has been around the block more times than one and they will know exactly which companies that you should take advantage of.

#4 How Can a Wedding Coordinator Help Me Save Money?

You may think that spending that extra money on a wedding coordinator will be a total waste, but this is only a myth. Of course, you will be forced to shell out the fees for the coordinator’s services, but you can actually save money, in the process. The planner will know companies that provide wedding services to couples and they will be able to bargain with them. They will also be able to point you in the right direction, when it comes to purchasing wedding décor and possibly help you score on some big discounts.

#5 Can The Wedding Coordinator Help With The Seating Arrangement?

They most certainly can and they will organize a group of ushers that will assist your guests to their seats, as well. They will oversee this entire process, while you are getting prepared to walk down the aisle. The planner will also be able to assist with the reception seating task, so you can lean on this individual and have a totally stress free event. Remember that you are always in charge and the coordinator is only there to assist.
#6 Will The Wedding Coordinator Help Me Decorate The Venues?

You have options, when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. As a matter of fact, you can hire them to assist you with specific projects, instead of assisting with the entire wedding planning ordeal. This will save you some money, but keep in mind that this is a huge task that cannot be tackled, by one person alone. Yes, the coordinator will do all of the decorating, so you do not have to, but make sure that you set down with them and tell them what you have in mind. Plan a set-down meeting with them, so that you can hand over all of the decorations that you have purchased, this way they will arrive early to the venue and start decorating, while you are getting your hair styled.

#7 Can The Wedding Coordinator Help With Mishaps?

Believe it or not, the wedding planner will have a bag of goodies on hand at all times. If any of the guests have a lose button or upset tummy, the professional will immediately know exactly how to remedy it. She carries a small sewing kit, mints, anti-nausea medications, and supplies to treat a scrap. Rest assured, you will be fully covered, if you hire a wedding coordinator.


As soon as you hire the wedding coordinator, be sure to let her take some control over the situation. They will communicate with their contacts and help you save tons of money. Set back and enjoy your day, while the planner does all of the hard work.

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