Wedding Favors: An Assortment of Different Ideas

Wedding favors are a big part of your wedding. Not only do these little items let your guest know that you are thanking them for showing up, but you can also use your wedding favor table as a prop to give your wedding a more elegant look. There are going to be so many different wedding favors that you have to choose from that it can make choosing wedding favors a difficult task. With that being said, don’t fret because below you will find a list of ideals that are going to make your planning process so much easier. At the same time, you should always remember to set a budget and stick to it.

Something as cheap and small as chapstick can even make an acceptable wedding favor. You can individually wrap each stick with a special wrapper. You could include the wedding date, or you could even insert your guest’s name to make them feel more appreciated. Chapstick works great for an outdoor wedding, where there is actually a chance that your guests can get chapped lips. By choosing chapstick as a wedding favor, you are giving your guest something that they will actually use instead of store away or let go to waste.

Flower Seeds
Flower seed packets are not only inexpensive, but they are something that will be a daily reminder to your guest. Your guests can take the seeds home, plant them, and every time they look at them they will be reminded of your special day. Don’t forget that you have the option of adding your own personalized message to the packet by purchasing blank seed paper. When choosing seeds, it is best to choose the varieties that are very easy to plant and grow! Make sure that even novice gardeners will be able to pull it off!

Everyone enjoys a delicious little snack here and there. A bag full of different edible treats makes a great wedding favor. By incorporating different snacks into each bag, you are actually giving your guests a choice as to what they want to eat. Not everyone has the same taste and it is even possible that some of your guests may be allergic to some of the items you choose. It might be a good ideal to think about this ahead of time. If you want to really take it a step further you could have a wedding caterer design cake pops or suckers. If you are handy in the kitchen, you could even create your own custom tasty treats.

Many couples will spend a lot of time trying to decide on the perfect music for their special day. These songs usually represent key moments in the wedding couple’s life. You can create your own custom CD that will incorporate the songs played at your wedding. This will almost be like your own special soundtrack. Don’t forget that you always have the option of decorating the CD cover as well.

Engraved Silver
This is going to be one of your more expensive wedding favors, but they will be very useful to guests, and make a tasteful addition to your special day. This is a good ideal if you have the budget or maybe if you are planning on hosting a smaller wedding. Some good choices might be glasses, flasks, or corkscrews.

Etched Glass
This is also going to be another expensive choice, but your guests are going to love the ideal. Also this is something that your guests could hang on to for a lifetime. Some good choices might be glass plaques, shot glasses, or even coasters.

Mini bottles of liquor like wine, champagne, whiskey, or tequila can be really attractive wedding favors, if you decorate them up right. You could tie a cute little bow around them. There are dozens of things you can do so don’t forget to explore all of the possibilities.

Candles Always Work
When attempting to select your wedding favors, you will most certainly want to contemplate using candles! Not only are candles romantic and beautiful, but they can also help to provide you with a light source. Some can smell very good and will play on the senses. With all of this in mind, candles make an excellent favor for your wedding guests. Remember that there are plenty of different options for choosing candles. It is possible customize your own candles, or you can purchase in bulk and place the candles in decorative boxes or cases. Candles are practical, affordable and loved by all. With this type of favor, you can rest assured that your guests will take them home and use them.

Sunglasses and Sandals
Remember that specific types of weddings call of specific types of favors. This is especially true, when it comes to summer weddings. This is even truer, if you’re going to be holding your wedding near the ocean or a pool. For this type of wedding, you will want to think about using favors that will make the wedding more enjoyable and bearable for your guests. Since the sun can be tremendously hot and bright, you should consider using sunglasses. This will help to protect your guest’s eyes, while also allowing them to see everything that happens!

Once the formalities have ended, your guests are going to be eager to jump out of their formal wear. Although everyone likes to look good for a period of time, the formal wear can grow uncomfortable very quickly. Therefore, sandals are an excellent option! With these, your guests will be able to replace their heels and dress shoes with comfortable and casual sandals.

Temporary Tattoos
If you’re interested in hosting a modern wedding, which is going to be fun, you will want to show this, by giving the right favors. Temporary tattoos can be very suitable in this type of situation. Your guests will undoubtedly have a lot of fun applying the tattoos to their skin and the younger guests will even be able to partake in the festivities. Since these tattoos often require a little bit of water, you should make sure that your guests have access to it! At the same time, you should assure that you choose tattoos with the right symbols and patterns. Selecting hearts and other beautiful decorations will be charming!

Your wedding’s favors are an intricate part of the wedding and should be considered rigorously, before you make your decision. Be sure to consider your guests, their preferences, your budget, and your wedding’s theme. All of these things will help to ensure that you choose the right favors that will suit your wedding and will satisfy your guests.

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