Wedding Photography: Cheap or Professional?

During your wedding, you and your significant other will likely experience some very heartfelt and special moments. Although you might never forget these moments, it is always nice for them to be shared with others in the future. Since people tend to be visual, it is helpful to capture your wedding in pictures. Who doesn’t appreciate wedding photographs? All couples want their weddings to be forever memorialized in pictures, which is why you need to find someone to handle your wedding photography!

The Basics of Wedding Photography

Truthfully, there are many different ways to secure a good photographer for your wedding, but they all basically share the same purpose. They’re there to capture your wedding in pictures, so that you can relive those beautiful moments, at a later time. In today’s time, the cameras are mostly digital and the pictures can easily be shared with others through the Internet, which offers more convenience and easier distribution. Of course, finding a good photographer isn’t so easy.

Hire or Volunteer?

Before attempting to hire a good photographer, you should contemplate accepting a volunteer. Finding a volunteer can actually save a tremendous amount of money and doesn’t always result in lower quality images! In fact, it is sometimes possible to find a skilled photographer, who will be willing to volunteer for the task! First and foremost, you should look within your immediate family and guest list. If you come across someone, who likes photography, as a hobby, you should speak with him or her directly. They could very well be up for the task and they likely will not charge very much, if at all. Just make sure that they have a sufficient camera, which will be able to deliver high-quality images.

At the same time, it is sometimes possible to take to the Internet, in order to find a volunteer. With the Internet, you will be able to browse around and find photographers, within your area that are looking for the experience. With their help, you will be able to fill the spot and get the job done, without spending much. These individuals are typically very professional, but it might be best to meet with them beforehand.

Finally, you will also want to contemplate hiring a professional. Although this might be a little more expensive, the professional will certainly be able to get the job completed in the most professional manner. The cost is typically worth it, as long as you find a good and skilled photographer!

Before Hiring Someone

Whether you’re going to be hiring a volunteer, or want to spend extra for a professional, you will want to take the time to do a little research. Truthfully, it is vital to get to understand a little more about the individual. Take the time to research the photographer’s background, which might be a little more difficult with a volunteer. Either way, try to find previous clients, who’ve used their services, and read their testimonials. Be sure to stay far away from those that have a lot of negative comments. Checking out their personal websites and social media accounts can be very helpful!

Check Out Previous Works

It is vital to take the time to check out the previous works of your potential photographer! Remember that people are creatures of habit, which means the photographer’s photos will likely be very similar from one wedding or event to another. Therefore, it is vital to look around, until you find a photographer, whose photos spark an interest within you. If you do not like the previous works of a specific professional, you should look elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to slow things down and spend a little extra time finding the best person for the job!

The Interview Process

After you’ve found a handful of potential photographers, you will want to begin setting up interviews with these individuals. Before you hire anyone to do your wedding photography, it is vital to speak with him or her in person! A little conversation can go a long way and will help you learn more about the individual. Be prepared to meet with a handful of potential candidates and allow them to tell you about their services. When you find a few good individuals, you will know it right away!

Ask To See Their Full Portfolio

When you meet with these individuals, you will want to ask to see their full portfolio. Remember that photographers tend to make their websites favorable for their own services. They’re very likely to only display their very best work on their websites and social media accounts. Although there certainly isn’t anything wrong with this, it can be deceiving and you should take the time to explore their entire albums.

When looking at these albums, you will be able to see how well the photographer works in different environments and with different types of lighting. Be sure to choose the photographer, whose worst work is the very best. This will ensure that even on a bad day, the individual will deliver good pictures!

Be Sure to Ask About Your Rights

Before hiring a photographer, it is absolutely vital to chat with the individual about your rights over the photos! Make sure that you’re going to have the full rights. Nothing is worse than getting home and having to pay extra money, in order to purchase the rights. If you want to be able to share the photos, without any watermarks, you will want to get the full rights! Of course, many of the professional photographers will want to be able to display the works on their websites. Make sure that you’re fine with this, before you agree to work with these individuals.

Make Sure to Understand The Entire Procedure

At the end of the wedding, many professional photographers will not release the photos. Instead, they’ll head back into the studio with some massively large raw image files and begin enhancing them with Photoshop and other image software. With that being said, these individuals can spend several days, or even weeks, altering the photos! Make sure that you find out the precise details for your photographer and ensure that you’re fine with their procedure and wait time, before you hire them for the job!

Finally, The Price

Although wedding photography is a vital part of your wedding, it is also important to check out the prices! Remember that photographers aren’t always cheap. Attempting to come up with a reliable figure will be impossible, until you know exactly what you’re after. A variety of different factors will come into play, when attempting to select a price. If you want the photographer for more than a day, you’ll have to pay more. You can also think about hiring the individual for a few hours only. Make sure that you know exactly what you want and how much you’ll need to pay, before sealing the deal.


Wedding photography can be expensive, but it is crucial for holding onto those lasting memories. By knowing exactly what you want and how to get it, you will have a much easier time. Remember to consider a handful of different individuals and don’t be afraid to work with a volunteer. Knowing exactly what you want will help you establish a good foundation, which will ensure that everything else falls into place effortlessly.

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